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Solar water heating system account

A Solar Network Lease is a new product designed to assist home owners avoid the high cost of installing solar water heating systems.
Home owners simply sign up for an account for a Solar Water Heating System (SWHS) and starts saving from word go. After the lease the home owner will own the system.
A SolarNetwork Lease has a better investment return than cash purchase because as you do not have a big upfront payment, you save money every month on electricity bills, and you can be cash flow positive from day one since the system finances itself.
In addition, Solar Lease includes several premium services: proactive monitoring and repair service for the whole life of the lease.

Follow up services

Once the SWHS is installed at your house SolarNetwork will make sure all your needs are met by constantly monitoring and adjusting the geyser timer to your requirements.

SolarNetworks has a regular maintenance schedule for SWHS which you will be notified of after signing the lease agreement.


Advantages of a Solar Network account

Home owners will qualify for Eskom rebate.
Home owners will own the system at the end of the lease.
Low, fixed instalments throughout the contract.
Home owners can choose a free maintenance contract.
Flexibility to upgrade the system later.
Home owners can use the savings they make to pay for the system.
A great investments as the SWHS improves the value of the property.
With the electricity prices hiking every year by 25%, and our low fixed rentals, your savings grow by atleast 18% annually. You are cushioned.


Take a Solar Network lease for no upfront costs
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